During a breakfast meeting with his friends the idea was born. His team of engineers went on to develop a software engine that merges and mixes audio and video.
Multimedia segments, when compiled, form a complete message. The messages are tailored to any subject matter and delivered to recipients via email, text (SMS) and outbound call.

He realized that sending personalized audio and video messages to his patients while communicating specific information related to their dental care (i.e. appointment reminders and treatment follow-ups) would improve patient care, patient compliance, reduce appointment cancellation tendency and increase office efficiency.

It was a matter of time before he realized that personalized audio and video communication would become a must have tool in every business, institution, government and organized entity. It dramatically improves an important human element: communication.

What was created is a software engine and breakthrough technology that allows the generation of thousands and even millions of message combinations from a single two hour video or audio shoot.

This innovative development even allows the President of the United States to send personalized messages to the vast majority of American citizens. It allows Warren Buffet to communicate specific recommendations with virtually every Berkshire Hathaway stock holder. It gives the Pope the ability to communicate personalized messages with a great majority of Catholics. The possibilities are endless.